AA236A rover on display. The CubeSat Kit(TM)'s Development Board rests atop a plastic chassis plate. Underneath is a Tamiya dual motor/gearbox unit and a multi-cell 9V rechargeable battery pack. Driving the gearbox is an H-bridge driver. A MaxStream 9XCite transceiver is connected to the MSP430 Flight MCU through an adapter on the Development Board. The two modules on the CubeSat Kit Bus are the Experiment Board A (with the Trimble Lassen sQ GPS unit, below) and the Protoboard (red, above) with interface circuitry for the various sensors. The Flight MCU communicates with the transceiver over USART1, the GPS over USART0, the H-bridge driver via GPIO, and the various sensors via on-board ADC and an external MUX.

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