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I/O, Analog, Control and More

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A Single Interconnect Scheme

The CubeSat Kit Bus interconnects all modules in a CubeSat Kit via a single, stackable, reliable connector. No additional wires are required, and no ribbon cables are used. Modules utilizing the 104-pin CubeSat Kit Bus are stackable in 15mm and 25mm inter-module distances.

Flexible Bus Stacking

The CubeSat Kit Bus utilizes the same physical connectors as the industry-proven PC/104 bus, but in an alternate physical location so as to avoid unintentional damage to PC/104 or CubeSat Kit modules. Additionally, space is provided for a subset of the PC/104 connector to enable a direct power and ground feed to any PC/104 modules fitted inside a CubeSat Kit.

Full I/O Pin Availability

48 I/O pins from each Pluggable Processor Module (PPM) are available on the CubeSat Kit Bus. Additional pins from the PPM processor to the CubeSat Kit Bus connector include power and ground, Deployment Switch and Remove-Before-Flight Switch direct bussed connections, transceiver data and control signals, user signals, analog references and miscellaneous control signals.

High Current Capabilities

Each CubeSat Kit Bus connector is rated at over 2A continuous current over the full temperature range. High-current signals (e.g. +5V, VCC and GND) use multiple pins.

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